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 1980 ~



Company established.

The generic name for wire adjustment fittings is changed to "U-Grip".


Released "Picture hanger Safety Hook Series ”


Jointly applied for patent for equipment system using U-grip with Kajima Corporation.


 1990 ~


1990 Negros Electric Works, Ltd. launches "U-Grip" of the above product system as "Line Lock".
1992 ”U-Grip" was adopted by Shimano Corporation (a bicycle parts manufacturer) for shift lever testing.

Released furniture Fall Prevention "Earthquake Resistant Rail System" .

"Earthquake Resistant Rail System" is adopted in the catalogs of Lion Office Equipment Co. and other office equipment manufacturers.


 2000 ~


2000 Released "WIRE TENDO", wire system for handrail
2003 Released "Ultima Turnbuckle", a dedicated anti-sway bracket
2004 Our products are listed in the catalog with Sugita Ace Co., Ltd.
Released "Spiral Wire Rope" for green wall
2005 Received "The 1st Monozukuri Enterprise Award 2005" from Sumida-ku, Tokyo.

Released "Ultima Anti-bird Wire System"


Renewal of "Earthquake Resistant Rail System" as "Interior Anchor".

2007 Released "Ultima anti-throwing wire system"
Jointly developed and jointly applied for a patent with JR East Consultants Co., Ltd.
2008 Renewal release of "Ultima (U-grip) anti-bird wire system"
2009 Awarded as one of the "300 Vigorous Manufacturing SMEs (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)" in 2009.


 2010 ~



Released "Ultima Greening Rail System"


Jointly developed with GREEVAL Corporation (patent pending), "Leaflax" was presented at the 3rd Eco-Office & Eco-Factory EXPO.


Selected for the "Leading Urban Environment Formation Promotion Project Plan for FY 2013" (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) "Project name: Technological development of vine-plant binding materials for wall greening" 


Released "Ultima Grune Fenster (Greening)"


Renewal of "Ultima Greening Rail System" as "Ultima Wall Greening System"

Released "Ultima anti-bird wire system", UBWM series for 0.8mm dia.

Released "Ultima Grune Fenster (Display)"


Released "Ultima anti-bird wire system", UBS-P series of posts for round pipes

Released "Ultima Grune Fenster (Home)"
Released "Ultima Grune Fenster (Partation)"
Awarded Indoor Greening Contest 2017 "Japan Hanging Basket Association President's Award".

System integration of "Ultima Green Line" into "Ultima Wall Greening System"

Released "Ultima anti-bird wire system", black bird wire set UBW-B, UBWM-B series and black post UBS-T0 B

"ULTIMA Wall Greening System", new lineup of "Spiral Wire Rope Set" for wall greening


 2020 ~



"Ultima anti-throwing wire system" installed at a JR station free passageway and at the south exit bridge of a JR station.

"Spiral Wire Rope Set", approx. 9,000 wires used in a large commercial facility [Ariake Garden].


Released "Ultima anti-bird wire system", screw-mounting post "UBS-T0 D" for double rows of posts.


Released "Ultima Anti-Sway Wire System"

"ULTIMA Online Shop" opened

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