Wire type fall prevention system Interior Anchor


* Rail mounting screws are not included because the substrate is different. Please select screws that match the wall material.

Recommended: ø3.5 to ø4.0, length 30 mm or more


*Since the substrate position is different, we do not drill holes in the rails. Please check the substrate position before drilling.

Recommendation: Drill holes of 4.5mm to 5.0mm with an electric drill, etc.


 Interior Anchors reduce the behavior of the furniture seen below








 Safety Load Setting


The most important factor in preventing furniture from toppling over is whether or not the furniture really will not topple over in the event of a major earthquake.

In an earthquake resistance test in which various furniture fall prevention goods were tested, Interior Anchor has obtained stable results even in an earthquake of intensity 7, as long as the metal fittings are firmly fixed.


The biggest reason is our unique grip.

Instead of a bearing type, which fixes the wire at a point, it is a shoe type, which fixes the wire at a surface, so there is less burden on the wire and the original strength of the wire can be maintained.

In other words, it is a wire type furniture fall prevention system that is safer and more secure to use.

Product Name Safe Load (kg) Maximum Load (kg)

Furniture Stoppers (UIA-SA、UIA-SB、UIA-SC)

50 160
Picture rail hooks  (UIA-1540F)  7 20

*As a result of our testing, the safety factor is set at 1/3 or more of the maximum load value.

*This strength is based on the assumption that the rail is firmly fixed to the base material with screws, etc. that match the material.

*The maximum load is the strength up to the deformation of the rail.


 Features of Interior Anchor


  • The industry's first combined type of 【furniture fall prevention】 and 【picture rail】
  • This is an unprecedented furniture fall prevention rail system for homes and offices that places the highest priority on interior design that blends in with any space, and is thoroughly focused on performance, design, and functionality.
  • It can be used as a picture rail even if it is not used as a furniture fall prevention system.
  • The picture rail is attached to the wall where the furniture is to be fixed, and the furniture is fixed with wires, so there is no need to worry about the position of the furniture and the wall base.
  • The length of the wire can be adjusted to accommodate the depth of the furniture, and the furniture can be moved to the left or right on the rail.
  • Attachments on the rail slide freely to the left and right for easy movement adjustment.
  • Depth adjustment of furniture can be easily made by adjusting the length of the wire.

  • No positioning is required during installation, and layout changes can be easily made.

  • Can be fixed to all types of walls, including concrete and wood construction.

  • The entire wall is designed to support large shakes, thus maintaining a high level of strength.

  • Furniture can be totally secured with anti-tip rails and furniture stoppers attached to the wall.

  • The rail can also be used as a picture rail for hanging paintings, clocks, etc.

  • The compact design with no waste blends in with the living room without any sense of incongruity.

  • Depth adjustment of furniture is easy with the wire length adjustment function (with adjustment grips).Furniture can be moved freely and easily by simply sliding the fixing bracket on the rail to the left or right.

  • The one-touch locking and adjusting function allows for easy mounting and dismounting, and can be freely adapted to changes in furniture layout.

  • The rail is available in two colors, silver and bronze. You can choose the color that best matches the atmosphere of your living room. The "Bronze" rail is available in two colors: Silver and Bronze.

  • Compared to L-shaped brackets, where screws are limited to certain positions, rails secured with multiple screws can be used to fix furniture in any position.


  • The allowable load is 490 N (within 50 kg). This is about 1/3 of the maximum holding force value of the rail.


  • The rails should be mounted securely to withstand the allowable load.

  • When mounting the rail, check the location of the substrate and be sure to mount the rail in a location where the screws are effective.

  • The effectiveness of the screws will affect the safety strength of the rail. If the rail is installed incorrectly, it may not be strong enough.

  • Special metal fittings may be required depending on the material of the mounting location. Please consult a specialist for installation.

  • Please use the wire with the end of the wire fully protruding from the grip. If the wire is too short to exit the grip, it may not be strong enough.

  • After installation, check that the grips are in the locked position.

  • The purpose of this product is to minimize furniture sway and prevent furniture from tipping over.

  • Do not use any other means on the rail other than the dedicated furniture stopper and picture rail hooks.

  • Do not apply paint or oil to the grips and wires.

  • Standard dimension of wire is L=1000. Please consult us for other dimensions.

  • Select the dedicated furniture stopper according to the material and shape of the fixture or furniture to be installed.

  • Screws and nuts required for installation are not included.