Balustrade Wire Tend (N)



 Features of Wire Tend (N)


 Main applications


  • For fall prevention handrails (terraces, slopes, stairs, etc.)
  • For safety fences and railings (around parks, green areas, various facilities, etc.)
  • For protective fences (along seashores, etc.)
  • For fall prevention fences (openings in facilities, etc.) 


  • A wire system for handrail with a beautiful form that beautifully separates space and integrates with the landscape
  • Unique technology for greater strength and ease of installation

  • Safe design with no deflection after installation
  • Quick installation and shortened construction period
  • Installation time is drastically reduced because the wire is manufactured according to the size of the space between the posts.
  • No need for on-site length adjustment or processing
  • Threading type, but can be installed by one person.
  • The thread side is covered to prevent tampering by not exposing the thread spanner hanging portion.
  • By attaching a tamper-evident cap to the end bolt, the nut head is not exposed and cannot be removed from the outside. (Sold separately)
  • Safe design prevents wire deflection after installation.
  • Tension adjustment is performed on the thread side, but if there is an error in the dimensions between the posts, the length can also be adjusted on the terminal side.
  • Mounting pitch is within 6m and is manufactured to match the distance between the posts.
  •  Commercially available wrenches can be used for easy on-site installation. (13mm, 14mm, 17mm)
  • The terminal side has a special construction that allows the terminal at the end of the wire to spin, so the thread side can be installed by one person.
  • Reliable installation and construction that is easy and simple for anyone to apply.
  • Flexible and easy-to-handle stainless steel wire is used.

* Standard is SUS304 (7×7), but (7×19) (1×19) and SUS316 are also available on special order. However, in the case of (1×19), the thread tip may be exposed from the tip of the security case due to the longer caulking width.


  •  It has a simple and beautiful form that makes the most of spatial presentation.
  • The texture matches well with landscape-friendly fences.
  • Wire diameters, φ6 is available. It can be used for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.


 Strength test



Breaking strength (horizontal)

* caulking part of end fitting is broken


Approx. 2,200kg

*This value is approximately 80% of the wire breaking load of 25.2KN using the configuration (7×7).

*The above applies to the configuration (7×19) (1×19).




 Precautions for installation
  • Commercially available wrenches can be used for installation. (13mm, 14mm, 17mm)
  • Tension adjustment is performed on the thread side. However, any errors in the dimensions between the posts can also be adjusted on the terminal side.

  • When removing the security cover for maintenance, etc., grasp the cover and pull it horizontally. (If it is difficult to remove, use rubber gloves or other non-slip material.)

  • M10 bolts are used for installation. The hole for the support pole should be drilled to φ11-12. However, if an intermediate post is provided and a wire protection pipe for the intermediate post (pipe diameter φ16) is used, the drilled hole should be φ17.  In the case of FB, if joint bolts are not used for the intermediate strut, the drilled hole should be φ14 or more. 

  • Attach the supplied tamper-evident cap to the head of the end bolt after all installation is completed. When attaching the cap, tap it into place with a wooden pad or the like.

  • When installed on a wooden post, the dimensions may change due to drying over time. Re-tighten the caps approximately 3 to 6 months after installation.

 Notes on ordering
  • Wire lengths (with threading hardware) are manufactured based on the dimensions between the posts. When ordering, please inform us of the inside or core dimensions of the support columns.
  • Almost all shapes, materials, and dimensions of support poles, such as flat bars, round pipes, square pipes, and wooden poles, can be accommodated.

  • The material is SUS304. When used in coastal areas, SUS316 is available by special order.

  • Since this product is designed to be used in a system and safety is taken into consideration, individual parts are not sold separately.

  • If there is a support pole in the middle, we recommend the use of a wire protection pipe for the middle pole to protect the wire. (Support pole: square pipe, round pipe)

  • End bolts and joint bolts are sold separately.

  • Test values are for wire diameter φ6. 

  • Wire cannot be cut on site.

  • Although rust-resistant material is used, rust may occur depending on the installation location and environment. However, even if rusting occurs, there is no functional problem.