Greening wire rope Spiral Wire Rope


We explored the theme of "how kind to plants" and "how well it is compatible with plants", and developed the most suitable greening wire for climbing vines, "Spiral Wire Rope".




* Spiral wire rope is not shipped separately. This is a set product that comes with metal fittings at both ends.

  • Spiral Wire Rope helps plants propagate naturally
  • Helps plants to propagate naturally 
  • Prevents plants from drooping due to wind.
  • Reduces heat burn of plants due to sunlight 


  • Easy installation by attaching the spring hooks of the wire rope ends directly to each support material
  • Reduction of construction manpower and time


  • Excellent building appearance due to the symmetry of the spring shape at both ends



 Weather resistance


Check for deterioration of spiral wire rope, which has been 19 years since its installation date of July 2004.


Visually observed cracks in the outer spiral section in some places.


When touched, no brittleness or damage such as crumbling was observed at the cracked areas.


The outer spiral section from the wire core section is also firmly adhered to the wire without peeling off. No discoloration of the wire (resin part) was observed.


The results of resistance after 18 years of outdoor installation showed that although cracks were observed, there were no problems with the performance of spiral wire rope.


It was also visually confirmed that plants were firmly entangled and their growth was not affected.


 Easiest wire rope installation in the world!! Spiral Wire Rope Set


  • Almost no parts are lost (because of wire rope and spring in one piece)
  • Reduction of construction manpower and time
  • No wire rope cutting required
  • No variation in wire rope tension no matter who installs the wire rope
  • Easiest wire rope installation in the world
  • Improved work efficiency


 Installation (movie)





L Angle
Spacer Eyebolt


 L Angle drilling dimensions and drilling positions