Shoe type grip





Grips used for "length adjustment" and "position fixation" of wires are broadly classified into two types in terms of mechanism: surface fixation and point fixation.


The surface fixation is called a shoe-type grip and was developed by our company and is used in the mechanisms of our products.


On the other hand, point fixation is a bearing type grip that incorporates a ready-made bearing, which has already been commercialized by several companies.


Both types of fixation have their advantages and disadvantages (see figure below), and the wire grip market has been divided between surface fixation and point fixation, depending on the application and features.


Since the establishment of the wire grips used in our products, we have been offering grips that meet the needs of the industry.

The gripping force and impact resistance of each grip have been highly evaluated, and they continue to be used in a wide range of fields, such as wire inspection fixtures in industrial equipment, the construction equipment industry, and furniture fall prevention fittings.


  Ultima grip :Shoe type grip Other grip :Bearing grip

Shoe type grips (surface fixation) distribute the load by clamping the wire between two surfaces, thereby reducing the load on the wire. The original strength of the wire is maintained.


The shoe-type grip is a proprietary technology of Ultima.

Bearing type grips (point fixation) have less braking force because the force is concentrated at a single point, and the wire is easily damaged. The wire is easily damaged. 

  • High strength and high safety ratio
  • Utilized in industrial products 

  • Often utilized in display and interior design
  • Surface contact
  • Strong grip, especially resistant to vibration *1


  • Point contact
  • Grip strength is low. Weak against shock and vibration *2


  • Grip force is strong.
  • Difficult to release by hand (finger) *3

  • Grip force is low
  • Easy to release by hand (finger)

Burden on wire

  • Surface fixation
  • Less burden due to distributed load
  • Less damage and indentation such as strand breakage and waviness


  • Point fixation
  • Load is concentrated, so there is a heavy burden.
  • Damage and indentation such as strand breakage and waviness are inevitable.
  • Wire maintenance is necessary
  • Original design, not an off-the-shelf product
  • Other companies cannot easily manufacture (difficult to manufacture equivalent products)


  • Uses off-the-shelf bearings
  • Easy to manufacture

*1:90% to 100% of JIS standard wire breaking load of 170kg based on SUS304φ1.5mm (7×7) wire test values.

*2:50-70% of 170kg of JIS standard wire breaking load based on SUS304φ1.5mm (7×7) wire test value.

*3:Hybrid mechanism (pat.p) is also available to solve the disadvantage of difficulty in releasing the gripping force.


 Basic grip operation



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