ULTIMA Grune Fenster 【Green】【Display】


* No handling of plants, exhibits hanging on wire, planters, soil, irrigation, after-sales maintenance, etc.


 Features of ULTIMA Grune Fenster 【Green】【Display】


  • Can be used for greening and display anywhere in the indoor space as long as the top and bottom ends can be screwed in place.
  • Low-cost proposal is possible due to the small number of components used.


 Important:Preparation 【Green】【Display】


*It is a prerequisite that the installation point (top end bottom end) can be screwed or drilled.


Installation site condition

 Can be screwed or drilled at the installation site

Standard dimensions

 Width within 2,000mm × Height no limitation

*If the width is more than 2,000mm, it is possible to increase the number of rails.

 ① Measure the height of the installation location! 
  • Measure the ceiling height of the desired installation location using a tape measure. 
  • Since the ceiling height may vary depending on the location, be sure to measure the ceiling height of the desired installation location.
  • Measure the ceiling vertically and straight to the ceiling, and take detailed measurements in millimeters.
 ② Please give us the wide dimension. 
  •  If you need more than 2,000 mm, we can increase the number of rails.
 ③ Please inform us of the number of wire set to be installed plus the measured height.