ULTIMA anti-bird wire system


* Screw for rod UBS-T02 is not included because the substrate material is different.


【Important】 Installation of stainless-steel rod UBS-T01 (02)、rod UBS-T00


When installing the stainless-steel rod UBS-T02, be sure to install them 30-40 mm inside the top of the structure.


Screws are not included in the shipment, as the type of screw varies depending on the mounting substrate.

It is necessary to select screws that match the mounting substrate.


Since these are generally difficult, we recommend that the installation be done by a professional contractor or a construction company.


 DIY kits (wire set + rod)


* rod UBS-T02 and rod UBS-FN series pitch is 2m.


 ① ULTIMA anti-bird wire:choose from 4 types



UBW series (wire φ1.2)

UBWM series (wire φ0.8) 






Wire length L=2,000mm  L=4,000mm  L=2,000mm  L=4,000mm  
Wire coated stainless wire φ1.2mm stainless wire φ0.8mm
Material Sprimg:SUS304、Grip:brass、Wire:SUS304 (7×7)
Finishing Grip: Nickel plating

* Springs、grip、and wire set. 

* Wire length can be freely adjusted.

* Wire tension is generally kept level visually.

* Do not over-tension both end springs. 

* Shape and specifications are subject to change without notice. 

* Wire are black nylon coated.


 ② ULTIMA stainless-steel rod and clamp rod:choose from 4 types








Wire (tier) two

Flange thickness





Material SUS304 Rod:SUS304、Base:steel
Finishing - hot-dip galvanizing
Attached - M6 L=25mm (vibration support  and loosening bolt included)
Note With sealer for waterproofing

Common end and middle

Common end and middle

* Screws are not included because the substrate material is different. (T02)

* Recommended rod pitch is 2m.

* For wall mounting, use only the base. (T02)

* If waterproofing is required, waterproof the screws after mounting the base. (T02)

* Loosening bolt are included, but the bolt must be securely fastened. (FN)


ULTIMA stainless-steel rod must be installed 30 to 40 mm inside from the tip of the structure.